Easy Smoothie Recipe – 11 Different Flavors!


Get Your Smoothie On

Smoothies are a great way to add variety to your menu, while utilizing the ingredients and tools you already have in your store. With our easy smoothie recipes, you can create a delicious variety of creamy smoothies using your existing unflavored ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard or soft serve mix.


16 fl oz Serving20 fl oz ServingIngredients
5 fl oz6 fl ozUnflavored Mix
8 oz10 ozIce Cubes
3 fl oz4 fl ozDippin' Flavors Base
Add ice to smoothie blender mixing container. Add cold unflavored mix (ice cream, custard, yogurt, soft serve, etc) and desired Dippin’ Flavors base. Blend at high speed until smooth. Pour into serving cup and serve. It’s that easy!

To add an extra edge to your smoothie, you can also add whipped cream and fruit as a garnish.

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11 Great Flavors!

Item NumberDescriptionPack SizeShop
ZRC092Chocolate Base4-1 Gallon

$86.87Add to cart

ZRC096Vanilla Base4-1 Gallon

$102.75Add to cart

ZRC098Coffee Base4-1 Gallon

$107.27Add to cart

ZRC100Strawberry Base4-1 Gallon

$119.94Add to cart

ZRC102Banana Base4-1 Gallon

$106.71Add to cart

ZRC104Mint Base4-1 Gallon

$103.77Add to cart

ZRC212Mango Base4-1 Gallon

$178.99Add to cart

ZRC202Black Raspberry Base4-1 Gallon

$267.79Add to cart

ZRC216Red Raspberry Base4-1 Gallon

$329.88Add to cart

ZRC214Peach Puree4-1 Gallon

$180.24Add to cart

ZRC204Butter Pecan Base4-1 Gallon

$158.68Add to cart

All products are certified Kosher
Smoothie Base Kosher Certification (126.6 KiB, 429 downloads)


If you want more flavors, any flavored water ice base can also be used as a smoothie flavor! Flavors include Margarita, Pina Colada, Blue Raspberry, Melon Ball, Passion fruit and more.
Be sure to check out more recipes in our frozen dessert recipe center, https://dippinflavors.com/recipes

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