Waffle Cone Mix

Waffle Cone Mix - Krusteaz Brand

You can get the incredible, sweet, fresh baked waffle cone aroma in your store with the Krusteaz Brand waffle cone mix.  It’s easy to make and tastes great! Each case is conveniently packaged in a case of 6-5# bags per case and competitively priced.

Get your mix from Dippin’ Flavors! Don’t forget to pick up some Chocolate Waffle Cone Dip too!

Want more information on waffle cones? Find out how to make them, price them and more here:

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  • I.Rice Waffle Cone Dip

    Chocolate Waffle Cone Dip | ZRC606

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  • Krusteaz Waffle Cone Mix from Dippin' Flavors.

    Waffle Cone Mix | ZCM001

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