Sherbet and Sorbet Bases


A Sherbet is a frozen dairy dessert. Sugar content is much higher than ice cream (up to 50%) and it is at least twice as acidic. The product is therefore much sweeter and more tart than ice cream.

A Sorbet is a non-dairy frozen dessert. Typically considered a high quality dessert treat, it consists of the same ingredients as sherbet excluding the dairy product.

A Water Ice, Italian Ice, or Sorbetto is typically served in warmer temperatures and is a non-dairy frozen treat.

Dippin’ Flavors offers a turnkey program for Sherbet and Sorbet products. Bases, concentrates, syrups, acid solutions… we have all that you need to create a fruity, refreshing Sherbet and Sorbet. With flavor selections from a number of product lines, there is something available for everyone.

Visit one of our Partners, Oringer for more information on using these Sherbet and Sorbet items to make sorbet and other frozen desserts.

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