Shake Bases

I Rice offers shake bases in fruited varieties as well as traditional flavors.  Our Fruited Syrups are made with pumpable fruit pieces and fruit juice concentrates for use in deluxe milkshakes.

Packed 4 – 1 gallons per case.

Need more variety? Many of our flavor bases and fruit purees work GREAT as single serve shake bases! Add 2 fl oz of any flavor base or puree to your 16 fl oz shake for best results.

Find more bases and purees here: Flavor Bases and Purees

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  • Banana Shake Base | ZRC102

    Banana Shake Base | ZRC102

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  • Choc-a-tella Syrup | ZRC093

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  • Coffee Shake Base | ZRC098

    Coffee Shake Base | ZRC098

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  • Dutch Chocolate Syrup | ZMS104

    Dutch Chocolate Syrup | ZMS104

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  • Mint Shake Base | ZRC104

    Mint Shake Base | ZRC104

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  • Strawberry Shake Base | ZRC100

    Strawberry Shake Base | ZRC100

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  • Vanilla Shake Base | ZRC096

    Vanilla Shake Base | ZRC096

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