Oringer Products


Since its start in the early 1900’s, Oringer has become a leading supplier of ingredients for applications in the ice cream industry.

Oringer is an ice cream and baking product division of Concord Foods.

 As a part of our commitment to excellence, Lilar has partnered with Oringer to offer you a wide variety of high quality ingredients.

Oringer ingredients enhance some of the country’s most famous brands. As one of the largest private manufacturers of caramel in the United States, they have developed caramels for every application, from chewy to liquid to organic and sugar free. Their in-house Research and Development team, with over 100 years of technical expertise, can formulate ingredients to meet the functional and physical requirements of any application. Whatever texture, protein level, flavor or viscosity is called for, their specialist team can design the product. Many of the world’s major food manufacturers count on their revolutionary solutions.

But the Oringer expertise is not limited to caramel based products – they also excel at manufacturing chocolate and fruit based ingredients.

If you don’t see the Oringer product you are looking for, let us know and we will try to bring it in for you.

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  • Banana Flavor | ZCF927

    Banana Flavor | ZCF927

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  • Black Cherry Flavor | ZCF928

    Black Cherry Flavor | ZCF928

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  • Placeholder

    Black Raspberry Variegate | ZCF807

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  • Blueberry Flavor | ZCF931

    Blueberry Flavor | ZCF931

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  • Brownie Batter Base | ZCF529

    Brownie Batter Base | ZCF529

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  • Butter Pecan Base |ZCF716

    Butter Pecan Concentrate Base | ZCF716

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  • Buttercream Frosting | ZCF521

    Buttercreme Frosting | ZCF521

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  • Butterscotch Flavor | ZCF936

    Butterscotch Flavor | ZCF936

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  • Cake Batter Base | ZCF508

    Cake Batter Base | ZCF508

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  • Cake Batter Mix - Dry | ZCF364

    Cake Batter Dry Mix | ZCF364

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  • Caramel Fudge Topping | ZMS413C

    Caramel Fudge Topping | ZMS413C

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  • Caramel Variegate | ZCF812

    Caramel Variegate | ZCF812

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  • Chocolate Base | ZCF700

    Chocolate Base | ZCF700

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  • Chocolate Variegate | ZCF806

    Chocolate Variegate | ZCF806

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  • Coconut Flavor | ZCF943

    Coconut Flavor | ZCF943

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  • Coconut Ice Cream Base | ZCF609

    Coconut Fruit Base | ZCF609

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  • Double Rich Chocolate Base ZCF703

    Double Rich Chocolate Base | ZCF703C

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  • Dulche De Leche Base | ZCF202

    Dulce de Leche Base | ZCF202

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  • Dutch Chocolate Syrup | ZMS104

    Dutch Chocolate Syrup | ZMS104

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  • Egg Shade Yellow Color | ZCF356

    Egg Shade Yellow Color | ZCF356

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