Lochhead Vanilla Products


For three generations Lochhead Manufacturing Company has produced the finest quality cold extract vanillas available.

At Lochhead Manufacturing Company they source only premium quality sun cured vanilla beans for their extracts. These beans take longer to grow and cost more than twice as much as low quality beans, but they produce the most wonderful vanilla imaginable. These beautiful beans are then carefully inspected and categorized using their proprietary indexing system based on specific bean characteristics. Once they are grouped, experienced personnel blend the beans according to their formulation specifications to maximize the flavor, strength, and aromatic notes.

The final step is their proprietary Cold Extraction Process. They do not use damaging heat or pressure to produce their vanillas ensuring the rich deep flavor and delicate bouquet of the vanilla beans are passed on unchanged into their extracts. The end result is super premium vanilla extracts unmatched in our industry.In general, good vanilla will only come from good vines and through careful production methods.

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