Italian Ice and Water Ice Concentrates and Flavors


Italian Ice and Water Ice is the hottest product in the industry.  There may be something behind that.

Italian Ice and Water Ice are a low cost, high profit solution to your flavored ice needs.  Most flavor costs range from $20 to $35 for an entire batch (averaging 6 gallons). We have seen frozen dessert shops across the country charge an average of $4 for a 8 ounce serving.  That is what we like to call high profit!

Use the I.Rice an company flavor concentrates to make your Italian Ice bases from scratch, or to customize your own flavor!

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  • Banana Flavor

    Banana Flavor | ZRC402G

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  • Blue Raspberry Water Ice Flavor | ZRC438G

    Blue Raspberry Flavor Concentrate | ZRC438G

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  • Cherry Water Ice Flavor | ZRC406G

    Cherry Flavor Concentrate | ZRC406G

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  • Citric Acid Solution | ZRC495

    Citric Acid Solution | ZRC495G

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  • Coconut Water Ice Flavor | ZRC408G

    Coconut Flavor Concentrate | ZRC408G

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  • Cotton Candy Water Ice Flavor | ZRC415G

    Cotton Candy Flavor | ZRC415G

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  • Grape Water Ice Flavor | ZRC425G

    Grape Flavor Concentrate | ZRC425G

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  • Green Apple Water Ice Flavor | ZRC410G

    Green Apple Flavor Concentrate | ZRC410G

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  • Key Lime Flavor

    Key Lime Flavor Concentrate | ZRC420G

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  • Lemon Supreme Water Ice Flavor Emulsion | ZRC416G

    Lemon Supreme Flavor Emulsion | ZRC416G

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  • Lime Supreme Water Ice Flavor Emulsion | ZRC440G

    Lime Supreme Flavor Emulsion | ZRC440G

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  • Orange Supreme Water Ice Flavor Emulsion | ZRC442G

    Orange Supreme Flavor Emulsion | ZRC442G

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  • Peach Water Ice Flavor | ZRC432G

    Peach Flavor Concentrate | ZRC432G

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  • Pina Colada Flavor

    Pina Colada Flavor Concentrate | ZRC434G

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  • Pineapple Flavor

    Pineapple Flavor Concentrate (with color) | ZRC436G

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  • Root Beer Flavor

    Root Beer Flavor | ZRC458G

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  • Strawberry Water Ice Flavor | ZRC446G

    Strawberry Flavor Concentrate | ZRC446G

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  • Watermelon Water Ice Flavor | ZRC456G

    Watermelon Flavor Concentrate | ZRC456G

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