Italian Ice and Water Ice Bases


Italian Ice and Water Ice is the hottest product in the industry.  There may be something behind that.

Italian Ice and Water Ice are a low cost, high profit solution to your flavored ice needs.  Most flavor costs range from $20 to $35 for an entire batch (averaging 6 gallons). We have seen frozen dessert shops across the country charge an average of $4 for a 8 ounce serving.  That is what we like to call high profit!

Use the I.Rice and Company Bases to make Italian Ice and Water Ice Flavors such as Mango, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Peach, Strawberry and many, many more.

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  • Banana Water Ice Base | ZRC002

    Banana Italian Ice Base | ZRC002

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  • Black Cherry Water Ice Base | ZRC004

    Black Cherry Italian Ice Base | ZRC004

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    Black Raspberry Italian Ice Base | ZRC040

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  • Blue Raspberry Water Ice Base | ZRC038

    Blue Raspberry Italian Ice Base | ZRC038

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  • Cherry Water Ice Base | ZRC006

    Cherry Italian Ice Base | ZRC006

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  • Choc-a-tella Syrup | ZRC093

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  • Citric Acid Solution | ZRC495

    Citric Acid Solution | ZRC495G

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  • Coconut Cream Water Ice Base | ZRC008

    Coconut Creme Italian Ice Base | ZRC008

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    Cotton Candy Water Ice Base | ZRC009

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  • Sour Apple Water Ice Base | ZRC010

    Granny Green Sour Apple Italian Ice Base | ZRC010

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  • Grape Water Ice base

    Grape Water Ice Base | ZRC011

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  • Horchata Water Ice Base | ZRC014

    Horchata Italian Ice Base | ZRC014

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  • Lemon Frost Syrup | ZRC094

    Lemon Frost Syrup | ZRC094

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  • Lemon Water Ice Base | ZRC016

    Lemon Italian Ice Base | ZRC016

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  • Mango Water Ice Base | ZRC018

    Mango Italian Ice Base | ZRC018

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  • Margarita Water Ice Base | ZRC020

    Margarita Italian Ice Base | ZRC020

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  • Melon Ball Water Ice Base | ZRC022

    Melon Ball Italian Ice Base | ZRC022

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  • Mint Water Ice Base | ZRC024

    Mint Italian Ice Base | ZRC024

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  • Mokaccino Water Ice Base | ZRC026

    Mokaccino Italian Ice Base | ZRC026

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  • Orange Cream Water Ice Base | ZRC028

    Orange Cream Italian Ice Base | ZRC028

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