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We strive to market the industry’s highest quality ice cream and frozen dessert ingredients.  Our clients include frozen dessert shops of all kinds, small to mid-sized manufacturers, food service venues and distributors. By offering ice cream and frozen dessert products made with the same ingredients as successful national brands, your customers will taste the difference in your products, and you’ll see the difference in your profits.

The Dippin’ Flavors line of products offers many of our staple products that our customers have trusted for years and years. The recipes have been carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients, giving you the quality you need to keep your customers happy and drive profits higher. These products have passed the test of time and are the favorite of numerous stores across America, both big and small.

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  • Apple Strudel Base ZDF004

    Apple Strudel Base | ZDF004

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  • Big Dutch Fudge Variegate ZDF324

    Big Dutch Fudge Variegate| ZDF324 (formerly ZBB324)

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  • Blueberry Fruit Base from Dippin' Flavors

    Blueberry Fruit Base | ZDF462

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  • Butter Pecan Syrup from Dippin' Flavors

    Butter Pecan Syrup | ZDF008

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  • Caramel Flavor Base from Dippin' Flavors

    Caramel Flavoring Syrup | ZDF016

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  • Caramel Fudge Variegate ZDF368

    Caramel Fudge Variegate | ZDF368 (formerly ZBB368)

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  • Cheesecake Base from Dippin' Flavors

    Cheesecake Base | ZDF020

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  • Chocolate Powder 297 | ZBB646

    Chocolate Powder 297-30 | ZBB646

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  • Forbes Double Dark Chocolate Powder | ZBB649

    Chocolate Powder Double Dark | ZBB649

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  • Chocolate Powder for Shakes | ZBB648

    Chocolate Powder for Shakes Mix | ZBB648

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  • Chunky Peach Base ZDF223

    Chunky Peach Base | ZDF223

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  • Cookie Dough Base | ZDF428

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  • Cotton Candy Base | ZDF170

    Cotton Candy Base | ZDF170

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  • Country Pumpkin Puree | ZDF072

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  • Creamed Coconut Base

    Creamed Coconut Base | ZDF160

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  • Pure Vanilla Extract from Dippin' Flavors

    Double Strength Madagascar Vanilla Extract | ZBB993

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  • Dutch Blend Chocolate Syrup | ZDF036

    Dutch Blend Chocolate Syrup | ZDF036

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  • Dutch Chocolate Syrup | ZDF408

    Dutch Chocolate Syrup | ZDF408

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  • Egg Nog Base ZDF005

    Egg Nog Base #100 | ZDF005 (formerly ZCS005)

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  • Espresso Base / Dark Roast from Dippin' Flavors

    Espresso Base, Dark Roast | ZDF549

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