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Here at Dippin’ Flavors, we want you to have your bases covered.  We have everything you need to deliver a classic chocolate ice cream, or to deliver a dark, rich chocolate ice cream to satisfy even your most dedicated chocolate ice cream fan.

Your customer may want their chocolate ice cream light, dark, double dark, fudge filled, chunky, or some other way we haven’t thought of yet!  That is the beauty of chocolate ice cream.  It doesn’t have to be plain and simple.  It can be as creative and flavorful as you would like it to be.

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  • Choc-a-tella Syrup | ZRC093

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  • Chocolate Base | ZCF700

    Chocolate Base | ZCF700

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  • Placeholder

    Chocolate Fudge For Ice Cream | ZRC208

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  • Chocolate Powder 297 | ZBB646

    Chocolate Powder 297-30 | ZBB646

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  • Forbes Double Dark Chocolate Powder | ZBB649

    Chocolate Powder Double Dark | ZBB649

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  • Chocolate Powder for Shakes | ZBB648

    Chocolate Powder for Shakes Mix | ZBB648

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  • Chocolate Syrup | ZRC092

    Chocolate Syrup | ZRC092

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  • Double Rich Chocolate Base ZCF703

    Double Rich Chocolate Base | ZCF703C

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  • Dutch Blend Chocolate Syrup | ZDF036

    Dutch Blend Chocolate Syrup | ZDF036

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  • Dutch Chocolate Syrup | ZDF408

    Dutch Chocolate Syrup | ZDF408

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  • French Silk Chocolate | ZBB412

    French Silk Chocolate Syrup | ZBB412

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  • Chocolate Base | ZRC206

    Ice Cream Chocolate Base | ZRC206

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  • Swiss Chocolate Syrup | ZBB420

    Swiss Chocolate Syrup | ZBB420

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  • Van Daak Chocolate | ZCF701

    Van Daak Chocolate Concentrate Base | ZCF701

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  • White Chocolate Syrup | ZCF568

    White Chocolate Base | ZCF568

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  • White Chocolate Syrup | ZDF401

    White Chocolate Syrup | ZDF401

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