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Freshly baked tiny pancakes ​traditionally called “Poffertjes™”, have their origins back to the Dutch Abbey, where mini pancakes were used as a type of host for weekly communion.  A shortage of wheat flour during the French Revolution meant substituting buckwheat flour which resulted in a plump and delicious offering.

Based on a traditional and secret dutch Poffertjes™ recipe, these light fluffy pancakes capture all of the tradition and taste of the dutch treat in a ready to use, quick service application that will provide a great “point of difference” to your frozen treat store, cafe, coffee shop or restaurant.

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ZPF030Poffertjes6-5# bags

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These Poffertjes™ were traditionally made in a specialty cast iron pan to accent the shape and fluffy nature of this treat. Our specialty Poffertje grill provides this same “dimpled” hotplate in a compact & easy to use format.

Each Poffertjes™ starter kit comes with a specialty Poffertjes™ griddle, small wares, a point of sale marketing kit and enough poffertje mix to sell more than enough retail product to pay for the package itself.  Starter kits are available here: Order Your Starter Kit Now


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  1. Membuat Poffertjes September 17, 2016 at 1:40 am #

    Pretty sure I could eat a whole pile of those little pancakes! They look delicious!