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  • Lochhead Vanilla from Dippin' Flavors

    Natural Single Strength Vanilla 103C | ZLH062R

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  • Lochhead Vanilla from Dippin' Flavors

    Natural Double Strength Vanilla 103A | ZLH020R

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  • Bourbon Barrels

    Southern Bourbon Butter Pecan Base | ZDF006

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  • New Product from Dippin' Flavors

    Butterscotch Base | ZRC205

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Welcome to the new Dippin’ Flavors website!

If you are reading this, then you found our new website!  Welcome!

My name is Ryan Klaas, a representative of Lilar Corporation, which is the parent company of Dippin’ Flavors.  You may know me or you may not.  I’d like to take this opportunity to show you around our new site, and hopefully get you on your way to maximizing the resources you can find here. (more…)