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Dippin' Flavors Web LogoWe are proud to offer a wide selection of ingredients from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Whether you need an ice cream flavor base, a frozen dessert topping, or a whole Italian ice program, you will find what you need at Dippin’ Flavors.

We are also proud of the quality of all our products.  You can’t make a premium frozen dessert without premium ingredients.  That’s why Dippin’ Flavors offers such a wide selection of the industry’s top ingredients from the top manufacturers.

Product CategoriesOur Trusted Brands
Flavor Bases and PureesDippin' Flavors
Flavor Concentrates and ExtractsOringer
VariegatesSensient Flavors
Chocolate Syrups, Bases and CocoasI.Rice and Company
Fruit Preparations and CherriesMalt Shoppe Flavors
Mix-Ins and InclusionsLochhead Vanilla
Ice Cream ToppingsKalva
Italian Ice and Water Ice BasesTR Toppers
Italian Ice and Water Ice Flavor ConcentratesCharlies's Cake Bowls
Neutral BasesGertrude Hawk
StabilizersRhino Foods
Sherbet and Sorbet BasesKrusteaz Waffle Cone Mix
Waffle Cone Mix
Candy Crown Coatings
Cool Cone Dips
Liquid Colors