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Poffertjes with powdered sugar

New Product – Poffertjes


  Delicious Freshmade Goodness Freshly baked tiny pancakes ​traditionally called “Poffertjes™”, have their origins back to the Dutch Abbey, where mini pancakes were used as a type of host for weekly communion.  A shortage of wheat flour during the French Revolution meant substituting buckwheat flour which resulted in a plump and delicious offering. Based on a traditional and secret dutch Poffertjes™ […]

Smoothie Recipes

Easy Smoothie Recipe – 11 Different Flavors!


Get Your Smoothie On Smoothies are a great way to add variety to your menu, while utilizing the ingredients and tools you already have in your store. With our easy smoothie recipes, you can create a delicious variety of creamy smoothies using your existing unflavored ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard or soft serve mix. Recipe […]

Stera-Sheen Green Label - Purdy Products Logo

New Product – Stera-Sheen Green Label Sanitizer


Stera-Sheen is the Solution You Need To Keep Your Machines Clean As ice cream and frozen dessert store owners, you care about the quality of your finished product.  It’s what keeps you in business and gives you the “leg-up” on the competition. What you may not know is the quality of your product is directly […]