Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Cookie Monster Ice Cream Recipe

This ice cream is a bright blue ice cream, chocked full of a variety of cookie pieces and a graham cracker variegate.

AmountIngredientsPack Size
2½ gallonsIce Cream Mix
10 fl ozCookie Dough Base | ZMS0074-1 Gallons

$161.09Add to cart

Cookie Dough Base - Malt Shoppe Flavors
38 fl ozGraham Cracker Variegate | ZCF5263-#10 Cans

$121.94Add to cart

Oringer Graham Cracker Base ZCF527
13 ozCookie Dough Pieces | ZRF00120# Box

$115.85Select options

Cookie Dough
13 ozBroken Sandwich Cookies | ZBB52030# Box

$241.01Add to cart

Sensient Flavors Broken Sandwich Cookies
2 fl ozBlue Color | ZMS3501 Quart

$27.48Add to cart

Blue Color from Dippin' Flavors

Chill the Graham Cracker Varieate to 40° F. prior to use. Add the Cookie Dough Base to the ice cream mix in the freezer and freeze. As the ice cream is being filled into the containers, sprinkle in the Cookie Dough Pieces and Broken Sandwich Cookies and swirl in the Graham Craker Variegate, turning the container occasionally to achieve uniform distribution of the ice cream, the cookies and the variegate.

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