Celebrate “Pi” Day with our Banana Cream Pie Base

piday Celebrate National “Pi” Day with Banana Cream Pie

National “Pi” Day has been celebrated nationwide since 2009. but we like a different kind of Pie at Dippin’ Flavors.

AmountIngredientsGet Started Now
2½ gallonsIce Cream Mix
36 fl ozBanana Cream Pie Base | ZZB120

$105.03Add to cart

16 ozSugar Gem Squares | ZBB688

Add the Banana Cream Pie Base to the ice cream mix in the freezer and freeze. As the containers are being filled, sprinkle in the Sugar Gem Square, turning the container occasionally to achieve uniform distribution of the ice cream and the Sugar Gem Squares. A three-gallon contain of ice cream requires 10ounces of Sugar Gem Squares. To insure maximum freshness, store the Sugar Gem Squares in the freezer.

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