Cafe Con Leche Ice Cream

Cafe con Leche Ice Cream – A delicious caramel espresso flavored ice cream

Cafe De Leche Ice Cream Recipe Cafe con Leche Ice Cream is a delightful mix of Espresso and Dulche de Leche flavors to create the ultimate sweet caramel espresso ice cream. This ice cream is a light to medium brown, with flavors and aromas characteristic of cooked caramel and coffee..
Inspired by the Cafe con Leche drink, this ice cream will attract customers new and old and leave them asking for more.

AmountIngredientsGet Started Now
2½ gallonsIce Cream Mix
25 fl ozDark Roast Espresso Base Base | ZDF549

$69.61Add to cart

Espresso Base / Dark Roast from Dippin' Flavors
32 fl ozDulce de Leche Base| ZCF202

$172.58Add to cart

Oringer Dulche De Leche Base ZCF202
12 ozChocolate Espresso Flakes | ZBB588

$237.11Select options

Chocolate Espresso Flakes Ice Cream Mix In from Dippin' Flavors

Add the Dark Roast Espresso Base and Dulche de Leche Base to the ice cream mix in the freezer and freeze. If additional texture is desired, you can also add Chocolate Espresso Flakes.

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