Black Forest Ice Cream Recipe to Celebrate Black Forest Cake Day

Celebrate Black Forest Cake Day

Black Forest Cake Black Forest Ice Cream is a flavor that comes from it’s more famous counterpart, Black Forest Cake.

Black Forest Cake originated in Germany and is named not directly after the Black Forest mountain range in southwestern Germany, but rather from the specialty liquor of that region, known as Schwarzwälder Kirsch(wasser) which is distilled with tart cherries. This is the ingredient, with its distinctive cherry pit flavor and alcoholic content, that gives the cake its flavor.

Cherries, cream, and Kirschwasser were first combined in the form of a dessert in which cooked cherries were served with cream and Kirschwasser, while a cake combining cherries, cookies / biscuits and cream (but without Kirschwasser) probably originated in Germany.

Today, we can enjoy that delicious flavor in an ice cream, and there is no better day to do so than Nation Black Forest Cake Day on March 28th!

Featured Recipe Black Forest Ice Cream Recipe

AmountIngredientsPack SizeGet Started Now
2½ gallonsIce Cream MixOwn Source
36 fl ozDouble Rich Chocolate Base | ZCF703C6-#10 Cans

$276.10Add to cart

Double Rich Chocolate Base ZCF703
29 ozChocolate Crunch | ZBB58440# Box

$314.87Select options

35 fl ozTart Cherry Ribbonette | ZDF02425# Bag-N-Box

$126.18Add to cart

Cherry Ribbonette from Dippin' Flavors

Chill the Red Cherry Ribbonette to 40° F. prior to use. Add the Double Rich Chocolate Base to the ice cream mix in the freezer and freeze. As the ice cream is being filled into the containers, sprinkle in the Chocolate Cake Crunch and swirl in the Tart Cherry Variegate, turning the container occasionally to achieve uniform distribution of the ice cream, the crunch and the ribbonette. A three-gallon container of ice cream requires 17 ounces of Chocolate Cake Crunch and 21 fluid ounces of Cherry Ribbonette. To insure maximum freshness, store the Chocolate Cake Crunch in the freezer.

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