5 Ways to Use Animal Crackers in Ice Cream for National Animal Cracker Day

Animal Crackers National Animal Crackers Day

Growing up, each and every one of us has undoubtedly had one of those delicious little animal crackers at some point in our lives. Many of your customers have too, and most of them will have a fond childhood memory of eating them.

Believe it or not, they are even popular enough to have their own day, National Animal Crackers Day.

That is where today’s post comes in, to show you 5 unique ways to use animal crackers, or a rendition of animal crackers in ice cream.

Animal Crackers

Toppings Kids Will Love

Kids Love them, parents will buy them. Putting an animal cracker cookie is a fun way to add texture to the sundae and promote National Animal Cracker Day at the same time.


Crust for an Ice Cream Cake

This post shows how to use an Animal Cracker Crust for a mini key lime pie. The same can be done using crushed Animal Crackers as a crust for a variety of themed ice cream cakes.

For an alternative that will work better in an ice cream cake, try our Sugar Gem Squares.


Cover Them in Chocolate – Mix Them In

Cover the fun little cookies in a semi-sweet chocolate coating and rainbow sprinkles for a great mix-in. The enrobing chocolate will add extra protection from the ice cream to keep the crunch of the cookie. You can find a great enrobing chocolate here.

External Link

External Link

Animal Cracker Ice Cream Flavor

Make a delicious rendition of Animal Cracker Ice Cream, with sugar cookies and rainbow sprinkles throughout. Use a yellow cake batter as a base, sprinkle in Sugar Gem Squares and Rainbow Sprinkles for extra texture and color.

2½ gallonsIce Cream Mix
32 fl ozCake Batter Base | ZCF508

$111.05Add to cart

21 ozSugar Gem Squares | ZBB688
15 ozRainbow Sprinkles | ZNB237

$51.01Add to cart

Add the Cake Batter Base to the ice cream mix in the freezer and freeze. As the ice cream is being filled into the containers, sprinkle in the Sugar Gem Squares and Rainbow Sprinkles, turning the container occasionally to achieve uniform distribution of the ice cream, the squares and the sprinkles. A three-gallon container of ice cream requires 13 ounces of Sugar Gem Squares. To insure maximum freshness, store the Sugar Gem Squares in the freezer.


Animal Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches

Use the animal crackers to make mini ice cream sandwiches and serve them as a side to a dish or as a promotional item. A great promotion would be offering an animal cracker ice cream sandwich for every customer on National Animal Cracker Day.

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Leave us a comment below telling us your creative way to use animal crackers in ice cream.

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